We are Krisoral Group of Companies

You are warmly welcomed to Krisoral Group of Companies. We respect your business values hence shall endeavour to furnish you with simplified but detailed information about Krisoral Group of Companies. We started relatively small some two decades ago but today, Krisoral Group consists of four distinct subsidiaries: Eastern Distilleries & Food Industries Limited, Krisoral & Company Limited, Krisoral-Agro Allied Company Limited and Liquid & Life Chemicals Limited.

We believe that ideas and vision without legs and hands are as good as none. But these legs and hands must be appropriate and effective. For this reason, we have tenaciously assembled the right team to actualize our goals. Our team understands our vision and mission. Our team is always willing to work with you. Our team represents us.

Our core values have also been critical factors in our success story. We value quality and excellence. We share in the belief that good is not good enough when better is required. We are fully aware that our progress and the sustenance of it depend largely on qualitatively meeting the interests of our customers, employees and stakeholders. To that extent, we have over the years, strived to surpass ourselves in both the quality of our products and services and in delivering on our promises to our shareholders and stakeholders. Our Research and Development Department (R&D) work round the clock to come up with creative and innovative ways of achieving the best fast moving consumer goods.

Krisoral Group does not just offer employment to people of diverse disciplines but more importantly, we provide platform for people to soar and excel. The opportunity is endless for those who have the skills, training and experience to exchange for value and who truly wish to work to earn a living. This opportunity exists for all; irrespective of nationality, creed or colour which explains the ever presence of foreign experts from other parts of the world in our employ. We are optimistic that you will find the content of this site interesting which in turn, we hope, will translate into mutual business relationship with us. We have also integrated our social network links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Youtube for more robust communication.

Mission Image

We seek to establish viable enterprises that will be national leaders in any sector of the Nigerian Economy we choose to venture.

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To provide wide range of cost effective and quality products that will respond to market need and deliver stake-holder's value.

Our Core Values


We look upon speed as responding to internal and external customers with a sense of urgency. We continuously seek to crash timelines and ensure expeditious completion of our tasks. Through this value, we hope to build an agile and proactive organization that is prompt to respond to the present and future needs of our stakeholders. We are in love with speed.


We believe the best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and customers Through this value we build shared values, mutual trust, shared responsibilities and collaborations towards our common goals.


On the foundation of our integrity, we define commitment as doing whatever it takes to deliver as promised. Each one of us take ownership for our own responsibility, teams and the part of the organization we are responsible for. Through this value, we build an even sharper results-oriented culture that is high on reliability and accountability. It is through this value, we hope to achieve the best in every sector of Nigerian economy we venture into.


We believe discipline is the backbone of krisoral group of companies Through this value we hope to achieve our goals and objectives. We define discipline to mean carrying out our responsibilities at the right time whether we feel like doing them or not. We achieve discipline when we are consistent with the beliefs and values of the organization.


We define loyalty as protecting the interest of this organization in all we do. We safeguard information, methods and procedures learned in confidence at all time. To put the interest of the organization first, in times of conflict.


We define integrity as honesty in every action. We act and take decisions in a manner that is fair, honest and follow the highest standards of professionalism. Integrity is the cornerstone of all our dealings, be it with our customers, our employees, suppliers, our partners, shareholders and government.


Quality is an underlying trait of krisoral group of companies, it touches all aspects of our workforce and products. We believe quality can be achieved through passion, leadership, training, empowerment, responsibility and accountability We look upon quality as the provision of products of the highest possible standards, to satisfy our customer needs, expectations of quality, safety, reliability and services. We accomplish our quality objectives by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented quality guidelines that complies with requisite standards.